Week 2. Self-observation commitment

“Make a written commitment to yourself to become more aware of your technology use. Reflect and journal on why this is important to you. Ask yourself, what might be possible, if you could cultivate the habit of purposeful, intentional use of your digital device?

Okay, it is a part of the course. To me, I want say, it is a very confusing purpose, as I am doing this regularly for some of the uses and I am not quite sure I can track it more without significant stress. In general I know my digital habits, what do I do and with which purpose and how it is influences, both good and bad.

To speak about smartphone, I use it constantly (when I’m not around my laptop). My closest friend live too far away from me, and every time we want to share some thoughts we chat. Sure, if I feel bad about it or am doing something can not be interrupted or something like this, I put it away, but after when I’m free again I check it. I feel a few bad ways it influenced on my life, like sometimes I am not here because I am there or I can not do something right now because of an important conversation but I am not think that it is a type of distraction as everyone see this things but a type of activity I am doing. I know that this limits me a little in my physical life but instead I have a very deep close relationships. You know, good relationships nourish by spending time together, sharing thoughts and points of view, and to do it online with a person who lives 700 km from yourself is a great opportunity given us by cheap internet and digital world.

So, I use it constantly to chat with one person. What do I do else? First,  I receive notifications (messages, emails, some useful notifications like “check your energy level” or “do your French for today”) I am interested in. I learned how to ignore them until I can pay attention to them. So I read and react them as I am able to do this. A thing I love about it is that I get new opportunities fast and can use them or share with a person who interested in, and I am aware of some things may be useful for me. Second thing I use my phone for is to do some activities like search something on Internet, or check my activity level for today, or learn new words, something like this. And the third usage of my phone is to have a rest. Here may be all of these debatable activities like listing Instagram posts and VK feed (it is a social network like Facebook). My feeds are consist of beautiful pictures, interesting posts (“how do I work au pair”) and a few posts by interesting people like not close friends and painters. But last two years I am too busy to read all my feeds to the end, so I read some posts, purposefully or some in the feed, and then close it. Oh, yes, and sometimes I play a game in which a player must walk with his/her phone in hand to see interesting real world sights and interact with them in the game. I learned a lot about my city and some others from it and meet with a lot of nice people with it.

To speak about my laptop, I am in front of it quite a lot time too. Now my main activity is to learn and I learn using online courses, so nothing unexpected. Also I use it for do things like with a smartphone, and to do more serious activities like paying the bills for my family, searching for job or even managing my activities. I use Trello for task management for 2 years and it is my way to organize many different things like learning, jobs, languages, rest, cleaning my room, having rest, what I want to read, what I should control… Anything. Now I have tasks like “write this post”, “do all for week 2 of Yoga course”, “end Yoga course” and “write post  about self-observation for the day”, 7 times =) And finally it is the time to get more close to this, yes?

If you read all of this reflections (thank you, I am surprised and glad), you can see that I am quite aware of what do I do with my devices. But I should do more observation this week, yes? So, my commitment to myself is:

this week, each day of it,
I will observe how do I use my technologies,
how much time I spent for tasks on my laptop
and how much do I check my phone without purpose, just as habit.


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