Self check-in, day 3

Today, it was not very efficient day. But for my body, it was unexpected better than yesterday. My head did not ache as yesterday (maybe because I woke up earlier). First time I felt a little chilled, but I was outside and it was cold there. Second time I felt tired by sitting a lot in front of the laptop doing one thing for a long time without any rest (not a good fashion to spend your Saturday, yes). And the third time I understood that I am still chilled (again, it was not warm temperature around) but very comfortable. But the most interesting thing was that all the times I felt myself full and comfortable inside. I also felt energy in my body. So the observations are not only show that I do things wrong but also show things I can be grateful for and happy about.

It is hard to say something about continuation of the self check-in practice. I am not quite sure if I should continue it this way. As always, alarms ring when I am in doing something interesting and I am not pleasant about it. On the one hand, it may be a good mind-training. On the other, I know that distractions make our lives worse and I personally return into previous activity too slow after them. So I’ll think about all of these more.


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